Cotton Yoga Rug




These beautiful tightly woven rugs have been traditionally used for Mysore style yoga practice for centuries and are considered to be the first mats ever used for yoga practice in India. The rug is placed over your regular yoga mat adding extra cushioning for seated postures and headstands and prevents slipping when sweating. It is easy washable in 30’C, a nice way of protecting and keeping your regular sticky yoga mat more hygienic. Mysore rugs are one of the more eco-friendly yoga mats available as they are completely biodegradable and PVC free.

These are authentic rugs, color may vary slightly between mats. Please wash your mat twice in 30′ C before use to avoid staining.

Part of all profits are donated directly toOperation Shanti when purchasing Mysore Yoga Paris Cotton Rugs through Le Yoga Shop Paris.

Unicolor Turquoise